Whether he is traveling to the United States to perform during the legendary South By Southwest music festival or being recognized by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture for his work in music, Punk Bossa artist, Van Botti is creating something innovative, intelligent and sophisticated. Bringing together the irony and sarcasm found in Punk Poetry and infusing it with the musical flavor of Bossa Nova and Jazz, Van Botti is fostering an art that will leave fans laughing one moment and contemplating existential completeness the next.

Saying that rock was his first language as a composer, the Italo-Brazilian artist cites The Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Mutantes as some of his most important early influences. He was a student of one of the greatest guitar players in the history of Brazil, Aderbal Duarte. A scholar of Brazilian popular music, Van Botti transcribed for his master’s dissertation numerous works of João Gilberto. During the 1990’s, Van Botti was a member of indie rock star band, Úteros em Fúria, which toured Brazil. He also enjoys the Bossa Nova works of Stan Getz as well as Chet Baker in Jazz.

One of his most recent singles, Lost in the Storm, has already garnered widespread praise from several critics, including Fabio Massari (MTV Brazil, Yahoo! Brazil) and Chico Castro Jr. (A Tarde Journal). Additionally, Van Botti has been awarded the prestigious Pixinguinha Award, an award created by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to recognize the country’s most prominent music artists. Past recipients have included João Bosco, Joyce Moreno and Tom Zé. Van Botti’s works have also been featured in advertisements for Ford Motors, C&A, and the Brazilian Goverment. He is known not only for his incredible improvisational skills on guitar and piano, but also for his work composing instrumental themes mixing samba rhythms and jazz forms.

In the rare moments that Van Botti steps away from music, he can be found practicing Capoeira, drinking cachaça, and cooking Spaghetti alla Corbonara. He also loves reading about philosophy and astronomy. Some of his favorite philosophers include Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, and Maurice Merleau-Ponty.